Alex Gorcik

Graphic Design

Hello, I’m Alex and I’m a graphic designer with a passion for moving image. I have a vast skill set with the Adobe Creative Suite, have worked with 3D software such as Blender and Cinema 4D, and I have ventured into game design using the Unity engine. I have a thirst for expanding my creativity and knowledge and I am not afraid to use new software that would allow me to create the best outcome I can. As of now I’m currently based in the UK, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Biome Explorer

In a very unique and exciting project I tasked myself to create a game that was focused around the subject of climate change with children being the target audience. I created Biome Explorer, a free-roaming adventure game where you play as an environmental scientist whose objective is to explore areas of the world discovering effects caused by climate change and collecting research to help understand and combat these issues.

Invisible Networks

In this project I was challenged to visualize certain aspects of the infrastructure of the Internet through animation using Cinema 4D. Inspired by James Bridle’s podcast New Ways of Seeing – 01 Invisible Networks, I explored what the Internet really looked like.

Impacts of Gaming on Modern Culture

This project allowed me to focus on an area which was of great interest to me- the representation of women in gaming and the impact it has on modern culture. After finishing my paper on this, I created this short infographic video presenting some of the findings from my research.

Signature Magazine

I was given a unique opportunity to create a magazine identity. I created SIGNATURE, a contemporary culture magazine that covers fashion, music and art.